Victron Energy Quattro 24V/3000VA Inverter/Charger

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Victron Energy Quattro 24/3000/70-50/50 230V Inverter/Charger 

Two AC inputs with integrated transfer switch

The Quattro can be connected to two independent AC sources, for example the public grid and a generator, or two generators. The Quattro will automatically connect to the active source.

    Quattro is a combined inverter and charger. Additionally, it can accept two AC inputs and automatically connect to the active source. 

    Product Features

    • It has 2 AC input which can be used for 2 different AC sources like grid and generator.
    • True pure sine wave inverter, it can run motors and pumps smoothly.
    • Adaptive charging, which is good for battery health. It automatically detects if the battery is on absorption stage or float stage.
    • Less than 20 milliseconds reconnection time, no flickering when transitioning to an alternative power source.
    • Rigid design making suitable for industrial applications
    • Hybrid power assist technology, the unit can automatically incorporate battery power to compensate where peak power is required.
    • Multiple system integration features, which makes this unit compatible with a range different batteries and other inverters (Please see attached compatibility list document).
    • The unit is capable of parallel operation
      • 6 X 3kVa single/split phase summing up to 18kVa
      • 12 X 3kVa three phase, 4 units per phase summing up to 36kVa
    • Remote monitoring and control using VRM (