Victron EasySolar-II 48/5000/70-50 MPPT 250/100 GX

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The EasySolar-II GX combines an MPPT Solar Charge Controller, an inverter/charger and control hub in one enclosure. The product is easy to install, with a minimum of wiring.
The Victron EasySolar-II GX integrates the following elements:
  • A powerful MultiPlus-II inverter/charger  
  • A SmartSolar MPPT solar charge controller 
  • A GX device with a 2x 16 character display
These elements come prewired, and preconfigured together inside a single unit. This greatly simplifies most installations, saving time and money.
This document explains how all components fit together, how to install the product, and what documentation to use for configuration and other details of its individual parts.
This document explains:
  • • Features
  • • Behaviour
  • • Specifications
  • • Limitations
  • • Installation instructions
  • • Troubleshooting steps
You must read it to understand how to use your product safely and reliably