Synapse HV1 BMS, rack mount

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Synapse High Voltage Battery System

Note: this part number is 1 x BMS module and is part of an HV pack system and cannot be used outside of the ecosystem. It also requires a SYNAPSE-HV1-2.4KWH-RM battery modules to function.

Rubicon's Synapse HV1 lithium iron phosphate battery can be used to reliably provide power for various types of equipment
and systems. It is especially suitable for applications with high power, limited installation space and long cycle life. It has a built-in BMS (battery management system), which can manage and monitor cell information including voltage, current and temperature. What’s more, the BMS can balance cells
during charging and discharging to extend cycle life. Multiple batteries can be connected in parallel to expand capacity and power, supporting longer autonomy requirements.


  • The whole module is non-toxic, non-polluting and environmentally friendly;
  • Cathode material is made from LiFePO4 with safety performance and long cycle life;
  • Battery management system (BMS)has protection functions including over-discharge, over-charge, over-current and high/low temperature;
  • The system can automatically manage charge and discharge state and balance current and voltage of each cell;
  • Flexible configuration, multiple battery modules can be in parallel for expanding capacity and power
  • Adopted self-cooling mode rapidly reduced system entire noise;
  • The module has less self-discharge, up to 6 months without charging it on shelf, no memory effect, excellent performance of shallow charge and discharge;
  • Working temperature range is from 0 to 50°C with excellent discharge performance and cycle life;
  • Small size and light weight, standard of 19-inch embedded designed module is comfortable for installation and maintenance;