Synapse 2.84kWh 24V Li-Ion Solar Battery | Pylontech UP2500

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The Synapse 2.84kWh 24V Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is one the new energy storage products developed and produced by Pylontech and rebranded Synapse for the local SA market. Fully compatible with it's equivalent Pylontech unit, that being the 24V UP5000 Li-Ion Battery, and it carries the full Pylontech warranty. 

It can be used to support reliable power for various types of equipment and systems. The UP2500 is especially suitable for application scene of high power, limited installation space, restricted load-bearing and long cycle life. UP2500 has built-in BMS battery management system, which can manage and monitor cells information including voltage, current and temperature. What’s more, BMS can balance cells charging and discharging to extend cycle life. Multiple batteries can connect in parallel to expand capacity and power in parallel for larger capacity and longer power supporting duration requirements.

Synapse/Pylon US2500 CAN - Voltage 24V

Nominal Wh 2840

6000 Cycles at 80%

Comes with CAN communication.

RS485 communication supports SYNAPSE 24V inverter

CAN  communication supports Victron 24V inverter

Supports maximum 20 pcs in parallel connection

Key battery parameters setting:

  • Charging cut off voltage point: 28.4VDC
  • Discharging cut off voltage point: 24.8VDC
  • Recommend charge/discharge current = 55A * N  (N=Number of parallel batteries)
  • Other settings are basically same as the 48V system