Staubli PV-KBT4/6II-UR MC4-Evo2 inline female connector

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Offering a wide range of connection system sand accessories for photovoltaics, plug connectors, junction boxes and cables,we have been connecting any type of PV installation to the sun for more than20 years. As a pioneer and global market leader for PV connectors, Stäubli has been setting the industry standard since the introduction of the original MC4 connector.In 2017, over 1 billion original MC4connectors were installed to connect more than 150 GW which comes up to almost 50 % of the PV power worldwide.Thanks to the tried and tested MULTILAM advanced contact technology, our connectors keep your PV installation up and running efficiently and safely.These apparently minor components can have a massive impact. Outstanding reliability and consistently low contact resistance guarantee:

■ Low service cost and reduced downtime

■ Elimination of risks for hotspots and fire

■ Low power losses

Stäubli PV connectors guarantee proper operation over their whole lifetime (>25 years).By minimizing risk and maximizing the return in the long term, our components influence LCOE positively and have a decisive impact on the bankability of photovoltaic projects.