SolarEdge Optimiser 1600W, 125V

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This Solaredge power optimizer only works with 72-cell solar panels.

The Solaredge M1600 power optimizer has been specially developed to work with commercial Solaredge inverters from SE30k and above. Together they generate a maximum achievable energy yield and provide a performing solar panel system.

The optimizer comes with a 12.5 - 105 MPPT operating range and 12.5 ISC.

Important information

Solaredge's M1600 power optimizer is suitable for open field setups. It is not suitable for roofs and parallel installations. This also applies for 1 row> portrait and landscape configuration. It is important that the secondary input is closed if only the primary input is used


The new Solaredge power optimizer works together with Solaredge inverters for an efficient PV system. Together they generate a high yield and work together as closely as possible to get the most energy from the solar panels. A single optimizer can support a total of 4 72-cell solar panels and deliver 25% higher energy yield. As a result, the invested amount is earned back more quickly and profit can be made faster.


The optimizers feature a superior efficiency of 99.5% and an extremely long string length for balancing system costs. It is possible to manage the modules at panel level. This makes it possible, for example, to temporarily switch off the modules in the event of fire or maintenance. Because Solaredge applies the latest technology in the development of their products, it is also possible to monitor the modules at panel level.

Installation & safety

The optimizer contains quick installation by means of 1 clamp. This allows the optimizers to be installed quickly and easily and saves costs for the installer.