Solar MD Li-Ion Battery 7.4Kwh 51.2V (CM)

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Solar MD 7.4kWh SS202 Cabinet Mount, Li-Ion battery module

The Solar MD SS202 features different storage capacities, according to user requirements. In other words, capacity can be increased through a parallel connection of the batteries.

Not to mention that the Solar MD standard battery, the SS202 has been widely used in energy storage applications in the African market. In fact, we produced the battery with world leading LiFePO4 technology.


•  SS202 is a flexible solution for small and mid-sized configurations
•  Support system parallel connection
•  Support CAN communication
•  Easy to Install


•  Residential PV Installations for household energy demands
•  Residential and commercial UPS systems
•  You use the SS202 with an external battery inverter
•  OFF-GRID energy system