Pylontech Powercube-X1 | 7.2kWh Li-Ion HV Energy Storage System | (144V50AH)

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The Powercube Series of products and systems; BMS Controllers, Battery Modules and Energy Storage Systems, with its modular design concept, enables the highest flexibility both for rack mounted and container based installations.

The Pylontech Powercube-X1 with a system range of 100V-336V50AH | *3-7 H48050 Battery Modules for Series Connection 

 This Storage System with 3 X H48050 Battery ModulesSC0500-100S BMS Controller &  7 Unit Rack/Cabinet | 7.2kWh Storage System 144V50AH

This system tower can be expanded to 7 Battery Modules with 6 of these PC-X1 towers connected in parallel. Supplied as  a "plug and play" system and is compatible with our GoodWe Single Phase Range of HV Inverter range.