Pylontech Powercube-H2 | 17.75kWh Li-Ion High Voltage Energy Storage System | (240V74A)

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Powercube series products with its modular design concept. This battery set is supplied complete as a "plug and play" type kit that has been sized with, 5 X 3.55kWh HV Batteries, 1 X HV BMS, Battery connection cable and Cabinet for 10 batteries supplying  17.75kWh @ 240VDC

Enables the highest flexibility both for rack mounted and container based constructions, giving the flexibilities for customer to deploy the system. Configurable from units of 5 - 12 modules per system, the system can supply 240 - 576V for high Voltage applications. 

Product features

  • -Modular and Scalable
  •         5 – 12 modules per rack and up to 6 racks in parallel
  • -Flexible BMS voltage range
  •         From 240VDC to 576VDC
  • -LiFePO4 technology
  •         For safety and long cycle life
  • -High System Safety
  •         BMS has charge, current and temperature protection
  • -Flexible configuration options
  •         Rack mounted or container-based systems

Each Battery module comes with 1 x Communication Cable and 1 x Orange Power Cable