Pylon US2000-B Plus V2 2.4kWh Li-Ion Solar Battery

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A new generation, the US2000B Plus version 2 batteries are a new addition to Pylontech's portfolio of lithium ion batteries.  A self designed BMS protects the cell from abormal temperature, current, voltage, SoC and SoH.  

Product Features

  • Vertical industry integration ensures cycle life of 6000 cycles 
  • Deliver up to 2.4kW* with single module (2.4KWh) - * please note this value is inverter/charger dependent, typically the maximum sustained value is 1.2kW per battery
  • Usable capacity of 2280Wh  
  • Modular design gives the end customers the power of choice of capacity
  • Simple buckle fixing minimize the installation time and cost
  • 95% Depth of Discharge 

Supplier Part No:US2000NB05V00101