GoodWe 4.6kW All-in-one Single Phase storage solution (excl. batt)

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GoodWe ESA Series is an all-in-one solar and storage solution which integrates the inverter, battery charger, UPS and battery enclosure into a pre-wired modular system for easier and faster installation. The compact, elegantly designed and robust unit is IP65 rated so it can be mounted either inside or outside, withstanding all weather conditions.


  • Pre-Installed Devices: Built-in DC switch, AC breaker (On-Grid/Backup), battery breaker, switch board, earth terminal and communication unit. 
  • Pre-Wired Design: The smart meter, the battery and the AC breaker are pre-wired and pre-connected at the factory and at the moment the set reaches the end users, it is ready to be deployed and installed.
  • Preset Cable Slot: As part of the systems design, there is a cable slot, where external PV and CT cables to the grid or the loads can be placed.
  • In addition, the ESA system is also equipped with an AC load bypass switch, used for switching the load supply from the backup to the grid; the bypass switch also performs the rapid shutdown protection through the connection of an additional external breaker with a switch board.