Delta E5 hybrid Inverter kit 6kWh/5kW

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With Delta’s E5 Hybrid Energy Storage system you can benefit from solar energy even after sunset. By pairing the E5 inverter with the Bx6.0 Li-Ion you create your own secure supply of energy for when the grid lets you down. Powered by Panasonic's own cell "pack", it includes 6 safety mechanisms, layered steel casing and an IP55 rating making it the safest home energy storage device. 

Inverter Specs:

Standalone Power: 3600VA

Rated Voltage: 370Vdc

Recommended PV Power: 7000W

MPPT trackers: 2

Max Input Current: 2 x 12Adc

MPPT Range: 220Vdc ~ 450Vdc

Operating Voltage Range: 100Vdc ~ 550Vdc

Warranty: 10 Years

Battery Specs:

Nominal Capacity: 6kWh

Usable Energy: 4.8kWh @ 80% DOD

Cycle Stability: 6000 @ 80% DOD

Voltage Range: 85 ~ 104Vdc

Nominal Discharging Power: 3000W

Max Charging Current: 30A

Max Discharging Current: 35A

Dimensions: 552 x 596 x 200mm

Weight: 75Kg

Enclosure Rating: IP55

Battery Technology: Li-Ion

Warranty: 10 Years