BYD LVS Battery-Box Premium LVS 20.0 | 48V Li-Ion Energy Storage System

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  • Rating: 20.000W
  • 5 x BYD BATTERY-BOX PREMIUM LVS 4.0 kWh Battery module + BMU
  • DoD 100 %
  • Lithium-Ion-Phosphate-Technology (LFP)
  • The BYD Battery-Box Premium LVS 20kW 48V Li Ion Solar Battery Storage is compatible with SolarEdge the Sunny Island from SMA and Goodwe. 

The new BYD Battery-Box Premium LVS 20kW Li Ion Solar Battery Storage system generation builds on the well-known memories and has all previous functions. With the Battery-Box Premium LVS, the new series offers almost 10% more capacity with slightly smaller dimensions and a significant reduction in the weight of the BCU (Battery Control Unit) reduces the total weight. 90 A can now be supplied for 5 seconds per battery module, which means that the new 48 V series is also approved for off-grid use.