BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS Battery Module 2.56kWh

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Battery Box Premium HVS

BYD series HVS high-voltage batteries consist of modules with a capacity of 2.56 kW·h and voltage of 102 volts. The modules are stacked on one another, forming blocks by connecting to each other by means of built-in connectors without use of cables. Two to five modules can be used per block. A five-module tower stores 12.8 kW·h of energy. 

    BYD B-Box Premium HVS Battery Module 2.56kWh


    The connection of the modules inside the block is serial, so the rated voltage varies from 204 to 512 volts, depending on the number of modules in the device. Up to three identical blocks can also be connected in parallel. In this way, the maximum energy reserve in an HVS system can be 38.4 kW·h. 

    BYD B-Box Premium HVS Battery Module 2.56kWh

    The modular structure allows to create energy storage with the desired size in the range of 5.12 up to 38.40 kW·h. For example, five modules can be assembled into one block and six modules — in two blocks of three modules. At any time, the energy storage system can be expanded by installing additional modules.