BYD Battery-Box LV Flex Lite 5.0 kWh 48V

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BYD Battery-Box LV Flex Lite 5.0 kWh 48V

The LV Flex Lite provides a variety of options for bespoke housing designs and integrated systems. Scalable from 5 kWh - 320 kWh (1-64 Flex Lite Units).

Compatible with Market Leading 1 and 3 Phase Inverters and capable of High-Powered Emergency-Backup and Off-Grid Functions, with Self-Consumption optimization for residential and commercial appliactions. The communication with the inverter is established through the Battery-Box Premium LV BMU (Battery Management Unit).

Cobalt Free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery: Maximum Safety, Lifespan and Power. Thanks to it’s 3U design, the LV Flex Lite can adapt to off the-shelf racking systems. And with the possibility of stacking up to 4 units or installing them vertically

The BYD Battery-Box LV  Flex Lite, Lithium Solar Battery. Energy Storage Systems.

BYD Battery Box LV  Flex Lite - Battery Specifications