Axpert 2kVa Inverter - 2 X 120Ah Hubble Lithium Batteries | Load Shedding Kit

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Load Shedding Kit 6: Complete RCT-Axpert 2KVA 24V Off-Grid Inverter and 2 X 120Ah Hubble Lithium Battery Back Up System 

Solar Ready System

The KIT includes:

  • 1 X RCT-Axpert 2KVA 24V Off Grid Inverter and MPPT Charge Controller
  • 2 X 120Ah Hubble Lithium Battery
  • 1 X Battery Cabinet
  • 1 X 100Ah Battery Installation Set (Battery Cabling and Fuse Switch Disconnector)
  • 1 X Victron Battery Balancer (The Battery Balancer equalizes the state of charge of two series connected 12V batteries)