ARaymond PowAR Snap S (Medium) anti-theft clip | Pack X 4

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Raymond PowAR Snap S (Medium) anti-theft clip | Pack X 4

Set of 4 X Medium Sized PowAR Snap S clips for one panel.

Screw less and Tool-Free clipped fastening solutions provide fast and simple assembly. It allows customers to reduce the overall cost of renewable energies.

These clips are quick to use it fastens the module and grounds in a single operation. 1 module installed within 30 seconds.

Lower overall costs of the PV installation, screw-less, no periodic torque control required, hot spot risk reduction for PV modules thanks to elastic mechanical clamping. High protection against corrosion and lightening.

Can be used on landscape or portrait mount systems and can only be used on framed modules.


Ground Mount; Industrial & Commercial roofs.

Easy to use

• Tool free: low mounting effort.
• Multiple access: module assembly from top or bottom.
• Maintenance friendly: no torque control required.

Cost saving

• Fast assembly: 2 minutes per module saved¹.
• Foot print reduction: for solar on-ground installations up to 3%².


• Compliant with iec 61215:2005-10.16, +2400 and -2400 pa static load³.
• Conforms to ul std 2703 (edition 2010).