600V Solar Combiner Box | 2 String Inputs | 32A Disconnect

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PV Combiner boxes for LV and HV Solar applications. Featuring separate fuse protection and MC4 connections on the negative and positive pole for each incoming PV string, Type 2 Surge Protection and DC breakers/Isolators in a IP65 Enclosure with a 1500VDC rating. 

The LV string combiners have been designed for (Mecer, Synapse, Kodak..) inverters with a 150VDC input and the HV boxes have been designed with, 1 in 1 out, 500VDC Deye Hybrid Combiners up to 1000VDC combiners for Grid Tied and 3Phase Hybrid systems.


2 X Staubli MC4 Pairs of Male and Female Connectors

1 X CITEL 600VDC Type 2 SPD

1 X Noark 4 Pole 32A DC Breaker/Disconnect

4 X Bussmann 30A Fuse Holders

4 X Bussmann 32A Fuses

1 X IDE 18 Way Enclosure with Earth/Neutral Bars, IP65