Voltronic Power

Voltronic Power is committed to operating in only 100% ODM in the UPS and solar inverter industry. We do not have our own brand, we do not compete with our customers in any market segments.

Instead, Voltronic power serves as a OEM and supplies it's 2 variations of inverters, the Axpert and Infini ranges, to it's customer as a rebranded product to their specifications and requests.

Voltronic Power has partnered up with a number of South African firms, wholesalers and distributors, supplying pre-agreed and selected models from the, Infini and particularly the Axpert range of inverters, as their own Branded Inverters with the following being but some of the brands through suppliers we supply:

Kodak Inverters, RCT Inverters and Synapse Inverters


Some additional local brands:

Mecer Inverters, Must Inverters, Rentech......................